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Flying circus of physics


Cleveland State University

A solid middle-sized university with strong leadership and research.
“The personal attention of a private school but at a state-school cost”

College of Science at CSU

World-class research, personal instruction. Professors who are stars in their research but who also care deeply about your education. You may find photographs of me with my beds of nails at one of the “photo gallery” links from the college's web site.

Physics Department at CSU

I've been here for over 30 years. Drop by. I'm the guy in the small office, surrounded by research papers and students, with my fingers flying over a keyboard trying to meet yet another publication deadline.

Society for Amateur Scientists

A home for amateur scientists. Also, their product, The Amateur Scientist 2.0 CD-ROM, contains all of “The Amateur Scientist” articles ever published in Scientific American magazine. 

Lou Bloomfield's Web Site

How Things Work Home PageHow everything in the whole world works:

Science Frontiers

Reports on strange events as reported in the research journals Nature and Science since the journals began.



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