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The Flying Circus of Physics is a book about curious events and effects of the everyday world. This site is an extension of the book.

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Flying Circus of Physics SpotlightFlying Circus of Physics Spotlight

The case of the burning hospital gurneys
Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A burn victim is often treated in a special, oxygen-rich chamber. On several occasions, as the gurney (bed with wheels) was being pulled from the chamber, the gurney caught fire and threaten to burn the burn victim. Why do the gurneys catch fire? Here is the physics answer.

Flying Circus of Physics SampleFlying Circus of Physics Sample

Run or walk in the rain?

Should you run or walk when crossing a street in the rain without an umbrella (Fig. 1-1)? Running certainly means that you spend less time in the rain, but it also means that you may be intercepting more of the raindrops. Does the answer change if a wind blows the drops either toward or away from you? MORE


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